Choosing a Plan on

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Choosing a Plan on

So you’re ready to start your website on Congratulations! You’re part of the 34% of the internet that is proudly powered by WordPress! is the best starting point for your blogging career. It offers five tiers to fit whatever is right for your needs. Read on to find out which one is right for you. Account Setup 2019


The free option gives you a platform for you to start writing, selling, educating, etc. It is the best option if you don’t want to start investing in yourself yet or not sure if you’re interested in investing at all.

The downfall of a free account is that you don’t get a unique domain; your URL ends up like this “” Your website also has ads that directly benefit, and you don’t have control over that.

The theme choices on the free account have improved over the years, but there is still a lack of control. You won’t be able to customize specific areas of your website. Learn more about setting up a free account here.


A Personal account allows you to boost your website with a custom domain name for only $5 per month (billed in an annual payment of $60 per year).

The other plus is that it also removes all the advertising for Yay, your website is ad-free!


The Premium option is noted to be the most popular option for only $8 per month (billed in an annual payment of $96 per year). It is stated to be the best for freelancers.

With Premium, you can build a unique website with advanced design tools, unlimited premium themes, CSS editing, more storage space, and the option to monetize your website.

In the Personal option, you can remove the ads, but with Premium, you can monetize yourself (such as adding Google Adsense) for only $3 more per month.


The Business option is best suited for small business for a monthly fee of $25 per month (billed in an annual payment of $300 per year).

The Business option allows custom plugins and themes, unlimited premium and business theme templates, Google Analytics support, as well as unlimited storage.


The eCommerce option is best suited for online stores. The Commerce option is the most expensive that offers at $45 per month (billed in an annual payment of $540 per year).

It allows you to sell your products with a powerful, all-in-one online store experience. The eCommerce option includes premium integration and is scalable to grow with you as your business grows.

It accepts payments in over 60 countries and has integrations with top shipping carriers. Plus it includes all the features that the Business option has.


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